I’ll come right out and say it – it’s tough for me to get really excited about some of the new death metal coming out these days. These uber-technical bands are no doubt impressive, but I’m always left feeling a bit wanting once the varnish of the acrobatics and noodling wear off. And that hyper-pristine production? Yuck. It just comes off stiff and lifeless, a robot-like recital instead of something with actual feeling.

That being said, I couldn’t be more excited to premiere a track from the upcoming full-length from Minneapolis-based avant-garde death metallers Sunless. Urraca (out February 24th) is a Gorguts-ian psychedelic death metal trip that will impress with their technical proficiency as much as their ability to craft attention-grabbing and captivating songs. Engineered by Adam Tucker and mixed/mastered by Colin Marston, this record is a simple remedy for the aforementioned yuck production. Even at their most dissonant, everything locks together nicely without any one thing sounding like it’s dripping with sonic highlighter.

“Gathering At The Skull’s Eye” has it all on display: satisfyingly jarring transitions, spiraling and disorienting passages, time-warping pseudo-vamping, and the wherewithal to eviscerate listeners more ways than a T-1000. It’s efficient as it is thorough, and crushing as it is entrancing.


Catch them on the road in support of Urraca at the following stops:

2/24/2017 – Reverie Café And Bar – Minneapolis, MN *record release show
2/25/2017 – Bar Bar – Denver, CO
2/26/2017 – Black Sheep – Colorado Springs, CO
2/27/2017 – The Underground – Santa Fe, NM
2/28/2017 – TBA
3/01/2017 – Your Mom’s – Oklahoma City, OK
3/02/2017 – The Void – San Antonio, TX
3/03/2017 – The Lost Well – Austin, TX
3/04/2017 – TBA
3/05/2017 – Siberia – New Orleans, LA
3/06/2017 – TBA
3/07/2017 – Blackbird Tattoo & Gallery – Nashville, TN
3/08/2017 – Growlers – Memphis, TN
3/09/2017 – TBA
3/10/2017 – Underground Lounge – Chicago, IL
3/11/2017 – Frank’s Powerplant – Milwaukee, WI

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