One of our biggest points of pride at Heavy Blog is that we’ve become associated with specific sounds and trends in metal today. I won’t bore you with the details but if you follow this blog, you know the kind of music I’m talking about: it’s usually angry, heavy, progressive and dark. It leads us to post about great bands that get sent to us and this time is no different; Hyena‘s are a young band, gearing up for their debut release, and boy does it sound promising. If you miss The Chariot but want a little filth added into that style of sound, then “Homeostasis” (and the upcoming release Deadweight, releasing via Pelagic Records on March 10th) is what you need right now.

This track is as short as it is sweet. Along two and a half minutes, Hyenas hit hard and hit fast. Whether it be along the thick drums or their bass counterpart, or more in the fuzzy guitars bouncing around the groove section, this track bleeds aggression. The vocals are the bloody bow that ties this package together, consistently raw and evocative. That’s where The Chariot influences come through the most, as the vocals serve like a fulcrum for the violence emanating from the track. 

We’ve heard the full length and it’s all as good as this. If you’re interested (and you should be) then head over here to pre-order the album. We’re certain this release will turn some heads around the community and, if not, will at the very least satisfy your urge for high octane, pissed off hardcore. And what more does one need in life than that itch scratched every now and again? Hyenas are here to help you with that.


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