Good lord, I can’t even believe I’m writing these words. Almost two years ago, I wrote about Psykup for the blog. We’re talking about a band that mixes Mr.Bungle, SikTh and The Dillinger Escape Plan into one messy, irreverent, and extremely violent version of chaos. When I wrote about them back then, I believed it was posthumously; they had been quite for years and there was no sign they were coming back. Well, now they have! Out of nowhere, Psykup have released a new track and announced an upcoming album, Ctrl + Alt + Fuck.  And you bet your ass the track is amazing as well. Head on down below to listen to it, pick your jaw up from the floor and then we’ll talk.


Well, where to start? From the first meta “we’re back” to the Brazilian inspired rhythm at the end, this track is all aggression, all mess and all Psykup. The high pitched screams balanced with the clean vocals are especially important to their sound and they’re expertly used on this track, leading flawlessly into the pop-y chorus before weaving out again into the more aggressive chorus. And it just keeps going; piece after piece of the track pummel you as the band again and again reference their own return. God damn, I’ve missed these guys and am insanely stoked to check out the full album. Watch this space for more updates or head on over to Kiss Kiss Bank Bank for more info as we get closer to Spring 2017!


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