I actually wanted to title the episode ” If I call this episode ‘Why isn’t Cinematic Metal a thing?’ surely someone will point me to some obscure Spanish power metal band that calls themselves Cinematic Metal so I won’t” but that would probably be too long for iTunes.

Eden healthy on all realms but physical, so this week staff writer Cody DiLullo joins me to discuss movies instead. We do pay some lip service to metal news by discussing new music from Within the Ruins, A Day to Remember winning their lawsuit against Victory Records, the new WRVTH video, and Plini getting a solid shoutout from Steve Vai. Cody picks an underrated release, Fetish by The Boy Will Drown. Then we discuss our real shared passion: movies. We talk about the best movies of 2016, and we mention some other cool movies as well. We basically nitpick the fuck out of amazing movies, so don’t think we actually hate them.

58 – Cinematic Metal

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