We’ve been closely following Belarusian rising death metal stars Irreversible Mechanism since their signing to the notorious Blood Music early last year. Their debut album Infinite Fields was celebrated by critics and fans alike for picking up where The FacelessPlanetary Duality left off and elaborated upon the style with symphonic elements to create a grandiose technical and progressive death metal powerhouse of a record. To bolster the debut’s power, it featured production from Sami Raatikainen (Necrophagist) and session drums from former The Faceless drummer Lyle Cooper.

At the time of Infinite Fields‘ release, the project was helmed solely by two musicians, Vladislav Nekrash (guitars) and Yaroslav Korotkin (vocals, bass). Since then, the group have become a fully-fledged live act, fleshing out their lineup with Andrey Parmon (guitar), Mike Ponomarev (drums), and Pavel Semin (bass) and played their very first show this August in their hometown of Minsk.

Now, with the impending release of their debut album on vinyl, the group are seeking to properly introduce their new bassist Pavel Semin with a playthrough video for “Into The Void.” Naturally, the song is a technical showcase, but remains tasteful with its basslines. Fans of the rare bass sweep will be stoked.

Previously, the band showcased the rest of their new lineup with playthrough videos through SickDrummer and GearGods for drums and guitar, respectively.

While they’re just now getting onto their feet as a live force, here’s hoping we get some more dates around the globe (and more music) come 2017.

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