Arkona have been in the pagan/folk metal game for quite some time, now approaching their 15th year as an active band. 2004 saw the release of their debut album Vozrozhdeniye (meaning “revival” in their native tongue) and 2016 will see the same record re-recorded with modern production techniques and a greater level of musicianship.

Longtime fans of the Russian fivesome can certainly hear a difference, especially in the maturation of frontwoman Maria “Masha Scream” Arkhipova‘s voice, as well as the tighter instrumentation by the rest of the band. Make no mistake—this is not a simple remix or remaster of the beloved 2004 album. The entire band put their respective weapons to the grindstone and really honed their abilities to breathe new life into the record that helped make their mark.

We’re proud to premiere (re-premiere?) the title track of the re-recording in “Vozrozhdenie” right here on Heavy Blog is Heavy!

We’ve been fans of Arkona for quite some time here at Heavy Blog. You can even hear Noyan and Eden talk about the upcoming re-recording of Vozrozhdeniye on the latest episode of the Heavy Pod is Heavy Cast.

You can pre-order the upcoming record via Naplam Records’ store in two different flavors: alone as a limited edition digipak or alongside a shirt with the album art’s beauty! You can even buy the shirt by itself if you plan to purchase the album digitally.


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