Just a few days ago, Eden extolled the virtues of Los Angeles-based Mammoth‘s upcoming album Deviations, talking at length about how the three-piece beautifully melds progressive rock with jazz fusion in a thrilling, exuberant fashion. Although any old band might let that blend speak for itself, Mammoth inject their sound with a healthy helping of sheer groove to boot, and to call the result downright infectious is very much an understatement. Today, we have the immense pleasure of premiering “The Acclimation of Sedation”, which is easily one of the absolute best tracks from Deviations. Check it out below!

The track begins with some deceptively chill synths, before the clean guitar lines take over and develop the progression further over supremely catchy grooves. But it’s the spacey midsection of “The Acclimation of Sedation” that truly forms the heart of the song, as everything from impeccable bass solos to distorted legato-driven guitar moments and even keyboard lines take turns dancing gracefully over the steady drum work. It’s almost as if the airy jazz fusion of Exivious meets the upbeat sensibilities of Native Construct for a good portion of the song, but Mammoth save the most magnificent guitar harmonies for the latter part of the midsection: harmonies that extremely technical in their own right but serving the song itself first and foremost. Last but not least, the pristine mix — as done by AJ Minette of The Human Abstract fame — has every single instrument ringing through beautifully, allowing Mammoth’s music room to comfortably breathe while going in any direction it sees fit.

Deviations drops on October 21st, and can be preordered on Mammoth’s Bandcamp page.



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