I feel like if you go to Berklee College of Music, you either graduate to become a world famous musician or you end up playing in a band and become a world famous musician. That’s been the case countless times before, and this time is no different. Aviations was formed there by two guys who lived in the same dorm who both just really wanted to play some fantastic prog rock. Now you can see what I mean by jamming “Dizziness Explained” off their upcoming record The Light Years. Check it out!

The single is among the more chaotic things the band has done, and I absolutely love it. Music with a sense of controlled chaos is something that really excites me, and Aviations does that really well. It’s very par for the course for Berklee musicians to have great chops but an inability to actually compose, to write songs. Aviations are not one of those bands, and this song shows that they have some fantastic songwriting chops as well as some fantastic chops on their respective instruments. The album was also mastered by Nolly from Periphery, so you know it will sound great, and it even features some great guest musicians, from Jacob Umansky of Painted In Exile to Richard Blumenthal of Blumen! This record is going to kick some major ass, so don’t sleep on it!

Be sure to check out the band on Facebook and Bandcamp for more info about their upcoming record!


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