For folks who lament the decline of post metal, we seem to be getting a lot of great recommendations lately. A Constant Knowledge of Death are one of those examples, mixing expansive and delicate silences with furious peaks that draw on black and post metal for their structure. The band are connected to a different project, Vivid Illusion, which we had covered last yer. Quite like that project, A Constant Knowledge of Death are all about oppressiveness and its release, the highs and lows that emotional music an invoke. To create these, they utilize not only the staple rise/fall/rise structure of post metal but also spoken word, electronics, samples and more. The group are gearing up for Vol. II Organic Emotions, coming on September 30th and we’re beyond excited to be premiering the first single from the album. Head on below to check it out!

“Speak II” is probably my favorite track from this album. From the haunting static of the beginning, quickly dispelled by thunderous drums, to the chaotic first segment, it’s all condensed aggression and vibrant tonality. While the structure is classically post metal/rock, as we mentioned above, it is somehow infused with a lot more interesting moments than are usually found on these sort of tracks. The “quieter” parts in the middle are deceptively calm, holding much beneath their subtle intimations. The segment is not an artificial insertion, a mechanism for atmosphere and nothing else. Instead, it sets up the return to noise in an organic and convincing way. This also hints at the rest of the album and how it grows from track to track; it unfolds like a poisonous flower, possessed of much more life than most bands in this genre can muster.

You can pre-order Vol. II Organic Emotions right here. If you’ve enjoyed this track, I can guarantee that there are many more such moments on the album and remember: supporting these small bands is the most we can do for our community.


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