Screamo has seen somewhat of a resurgence lately as the era of digital music has also brought in a new era of independent labels to host these bands. Perhaps one of the most promising of these acts is Weak Wrists from Asheville, North Carolina. Playing a breakneck brand of Orchid-influence emoviolence, the band exploded onto the screamo scene in 2014 with their self released demo. Now, almost two years and countless silent prays from me later, the band has their follow up, a self-titled LP released through independent label Halo Of Flies. We have the utmost pleasure of being chosen as the outlet to host this killer new LP, so go check it out!

The LP shows the band taking a more mature route as they expand beyond the simple blast-fest of their demo into a more City Of Caterpillar, and at times even neo-crust, approach. Now soaring melodies dominate the music before crashing into harsh moments that even Fall Of Efrafa would be jealous of. However, at its core still lies the frantic hardcore that initially made Weak Wrists so endearing. It has all the power of the freight train, all the emotional energy and release of a panic attack, and pulls it all off with the poise of a finely trained gymnast landing a difficult routine.

And, at the core of all of this, is a vocalist who has only improved over time. Her screech remains raw as ever but has a new level of control, allowing her to explore more ranges and be a much more dynamic element in the context of a more dynamic band. This especially shows as the band dips into less chaotic, relaxed moments, where her incredible clean vocals get to shine through. With the gentle guitar lines, and especially in contrast to the harshness that surround them, it is hard not to be drawn to the honey-sweet voice that emerges amidst the chaos and it proves to be a major hook in the album.

Weak Wrists has grown an incredible amount since their already incredible demo and, if this LP is any indication, will only continue to do so. Follow them on Facebook, and be sure to pick up the album when it drops. It comes highly recommended, as it proves to be one of the most dynamic hardcore records so far this year.

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