I really enjoy some good symphonic elements and occult references in a band’s music. The former, especially, is a favorite of mine. Ever since I heard Metallica and Dream Theater and Dimmu Borgir use live orchestras in their music, I’ve been a fan of incorporating the element into a band’s studio music. That’s why I enjoy Septicflesh and Fleshgod Apocalypse so much: their symphonic elements really add to the music and is something I identify with. However, it really shines in black metal, where it adds an extra level to the music. Lucky for us, Veilburner are a band that scratches that itch, and we have a brand new song to premiere from their upcoming album The Obscene Rite, which you can check out below!

The song is like one giant initiation track from a mysterious cult that dwells in the shadows. It’s extremely heavy, and at times also has a feeling of being a very “out of body” type of experience, particularly with the spoken vocals over the dissonant guitars and the super heavy drums. It’s definitely an experience, and I don’t think that the band could have done it any better than this, because it’s really a killer song and really shows what the band is all about. It’s normally not something I would find on my own, and so I am thankful I was shown this, and I am also hopeful that you can find something new that you enjoy here and get into the band, because they really deserve any and all attention they can get. They’re incredibly talented and I cannot wait to see what’s in store for them.vBe sure to preorder the album on Bandcamp and follow the band on Facebook for more updates!

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