For those who missed our last installment, We post biweekly updates covering what the staff at Heavy Blog have been spinning. Given the amount of time we spend on the

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For those who missed our last installment, We post biweekly updates covering what the staff at Heavy Blog have been spinning. Given the amount of time we spend on the site telling you about music that does not fall neatly into the confines of conventional “metal,” it should come as no surprise that many of us on staff have pretty eclectic tastes that range far outside of metal and heavy things. We can’t post about all of them at length here, but we can at least let you know what we’re actually listening to. For those that would like to participate as well (and please do) can drop a 3X3 in the comments, which can be made with through your account, or create it manually with Also, consider these posts open threads to talk about pretty much anything music-related. We love hearing all of your thoughts on this stuff and love being able to nerd out along with all of you.

Scott Murphy

Animal Collective – Strawberry Jam
Battle Trance – Blade of Love
Chance the Rapper – Coloring Book
Cloud Nothings – Here and Nowhere Else
Decapitated – Nihility
John Zorn – The String Quartets
Shamir – Ratchet
St. Vincent – Self-titled (Deluxe)
Sunn O))) – Black One

Simon Handmaker

Converge – Jane Doe
Grimes – Art Angels
Destrage – Are You Kidding Me? No.
Full of Hell/Merzbow – Full of Hell & Merzbow
The Dillinger Escape Plan – Miss Machine
LIL UGLY MANE – Oblivion Access
The Dillinger Escape Plan – Calculating Infinity
Nails – Abandon All Life
Kendrick Lamar – good kid, M.A.A.D. city

Kit Brown

Cannabis Corpse – Tube of the Resinated
Eyehategod – Take As Needed for Pain
Summoning – Minas Morgul
Inquisition – Bloodshed Across the Empyrean Altar Beyond the Celestial Zenith
Bathory – The Return
Xasthur – Telepathic With the Deceased
Sumac – What One Becomes
Drudkh – Blood in Our Wells
Inquisition – Obscure Verses for the Multiverse

Colin Kauffman

Beyond Creation – Earthbound Evolution
Wormed – Krighsu
Opeth – Still Life
Tom Waits – Mule Variations
Tom Waits – Blood Money
Behemoth – The Apostasy
Thorns – Thorns
Clipping. – CLPPNG
65daysofstatic – Music For An Infinite Universe

Ahmed Hasan

Frank Ocean – channel ORANGE
Frank Ocean – Blonde
Meshuggah – obZen
clipping. – Splendor and Misery
Meshuggah – Koloss
Car Bomb – w^w^^w^w
Meshuggah – Chaosphere
The Dillinger Escape Plan – Option Paralysis
Meshuggah – Catch 33

David Aleksov

Meshuggah – Catch Thirtythree
Inter Arma – Paradise Gallows
Rafael Anton Irisarri – A Fragile Geography
Tim Hecker – Love Streams
Electric Wizard – Electric Wizard
Jambinai – A Hermitage
Gunnar Haslam – Lebesgue Measures
Roly Porter – Third Law

Jimmy Mullett

Joy Division – Unknown Pleasures
Beastie Boys – Hello Nasty
Converge – Jane Doe
Herbie Hancock – Headhunters
John Zorn – Inferno
Billy Joel – An Innocent Man
Oliver Nelson – Blues and the Abstract Truth
Massive Attack – Mezzanine
Alice In Chains – Sap

Eden Kupermintz

Clipping. – Splendor & Misery
Sianvar – Stay Lost
Saor – Guardians
Car Bomb – Meta
Misery Signals – Absent Light
Virvum – Illuminance
Dreadnought – Bridging Realms
Karnivool – Sound Awake
Soilwork – The Ride Majestic

Mike McMahan

Gridlink – Longhena
Katy Goodman and Greta Morgan – Take It, It’s Yours
Gojira – Magma
Haken – Affinity
Drivin’ ‘N’ Cryin’ – Wrapped In Sky
Carcass – Heartwork
Aphex Twin – Cheetah EP
The Zenith Passage – Solipsist
Tacocat – NVM

Andrew Hatch

Whispered – Metsutan – Songs of the Void
Trap Them – Seizures in Barren Paradise
Skeletonwitch – Apothic Gloom
Hades – …Again Shall Be
Keep of Kalessin – Through Times of War
Sepultura – Beneath the Remains
Iron Maiden – Brave New World
Amon Amarth – Sorrow Throughout the Nine Worlds
Inquisition – Invoking the Majestic Throne of Satan

Nick Cusworth

The Dear Hunter – Act V: Hymns With The Devil In Confessional
Grizzly Bear – Yellow House
Grizzly Bear – Veckatimest
Grizzly Bear – Shields
Grizzly Bear – Friend EP
The Album Leaf – Between Waves
Plini – Handmade Cities
SubRosa – For This We Fought The Battle Of Ages
Cymbals Eat Guitars – Pretty Years

Jake Tiernan

Kendrick Lamar – To Pimp A Butterfly
Pig Destroyer – Prowler In The Yard
Ed Gein – Judas Goats and Dieseleaters
The Dillinger Escape Plan – Ire Work
Black Sabbath – Master Of Reality
Jeff Rosenstock – We Cool?
Dead In The Dirt – The Blind Hole
Hummingbird Of Death – Show Us The Meaning Of Haste
Congenital Death – Fucklove: Prophet Of Death
Scott Murphy

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