Experimental music is always a hit or miss for me. There’s been dozens of times where I’ve been shown some super experimental stuff but just never connected with it, and then there’s been times where I genuinely enjoyed it and listened more. Diploid falls into the latter category, and ever since I was shown them a week ago, it’s been nonstop listening for me. Picture lo-fi black metal mixed with hardcore and powerviolence with noise rock sprinkled on. Don’t believe me? See for yourself in this exclusive full album stream of Is God Up There? below!

This is the most unsual blend of genres that I think I’ve ever heard, but for some reason, I can’t turn it off. I really don’t want to. It’s extremely unique, and super hard to pout down. It’s like reading a good book; you don’t want to stop, even when it’s all over, and sometimes you just start it all over again because it’s that good. This is one of those albums that is an acquired taste, but once you get it in your mouth it remains there as a reminder of how great it did taste. This is definitely not an album that you want to sleep on. Hit up their Facebook for more info, including tour dates!


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