Happy Friday everyone! Here at Heavy Blog, we’ve been premiering up a storm lately, and this week seems like metalcore week. Today, we have the absolute pleasure of hosting a brand new single from Luca, a fantastic metalcore/hardcore band from Chicago. Today, we’re hosting the song “Modern Pain” off their upcoming release, titled Vera Corda. Check it out!

This stuff grooves super hard. Aside from the awesome music, the main groove of the song is heavy as hell, and it’s great mosh music. The song takes a more melodic turn after the chorus, and from the bridge to the outro, the song is like riding an emotional wave of pain and suffering, crashing at the shoreline of acceptance. This song is titled perfectly, because the lyrics and the music both capture pain and heartbreak and agony and suffering all in one song, while still remaining hopeful that everything will eventually be ok. This is one of the best sleeper bands of the year, and you really need to listen now, because the band is only going up from here.

Be sure to check out the band on Facebook and Bandcamp to preorder the album and keep up with upcoming tour dates!


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