We haven’t talked about them frequently around here, but Brooklyn-based progressive stoner/sludge outfit FAMILY are a band any fan of the harder and heavier sounds of Mastodon or Baroness should really be listening to. We loved their most recent album Future History for its awesome mixture of killer riffs, triumphant energy, and tasteful injection of other, more diverse elements. Hands-down one of the best examples of that is “Precedent,” a behemoth of a track that clocks in at a little under 7 minutes and never lets go. I had a chance to work with them recently on a guitar playthrough for the track, and I’m pleased to be premiering it right here!

This is the second time I’ve done this sort of “guitar stacking” setup for a playthrough video (first time was for a pair of somewhat more elaborate videos I made for Binary Code a couple of months ago), and I’ve found it makes for a very clean and effective way to watch these kinds of videos. You will also find a nifty little piano cameo in there, but you’ll have to watch it to see how it takes shape. On a separate note, FAMILY ringleader Steven Gordon happens to be one of the first people I got to know and see around as I was first slowly tip-toeing my way into the Brooklyn metal scene a couple of years ago, and I’m really glad to have finally been able to produce something for him because he’s just a good-natured fella.

The band are starting the second leg of their cross-country tour today, which will take them through the midwest and out further west from there, including a set at Psycho Las Vegas on August 27. Tour dates are listed below, and if you haven’t already listened to Future History, it’s out now through Prosthetic Records.



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