Sure, there are metal bands from Germany, and from a variety of genres at that, including (but certainly not limited to) Rammstein, Blind Guardian, Kreator, Accept, and The Ocean. And yes, they’re all pretty awesome—there’s no denying that. But I ask you, where’s the punk in all of this? I think some of this stems from my own ignorance of German metal, but I can’t really think of any really well-known hardcore bands from Germany, and that sort of sucks.

What I find amazing about the hardcore genre is how despite incredibly basic the formula is to play it (i.e. relatively short songs, breakdowns galore, music with enough energy to rip a hole in the fabric of space time, etc.), it ends up getting some interesting interpretations that not only differ from musician to musician, but from scene to scene. Although they were very much connected, one can’t argue that the L.A. hardcore punk scene (Dead Kennedys, Black Flag, etc.) sound a lot different from DC hardcore (Minor Threat, Bad Brains, etc.).

This is where Desteufels (translated via Google as “Of the Devil”) comes in. Hailing from Halle, Germany, the band has an awesome crusty/hardcore edge to them that I have yet to really hear in huge amounts from this country. The band’s debut EP, Alles zu Asche (poorly translated to “All About Ash”), features some blistering hardcore that’s ready to rip faces, melt eardrums, and start a grinding, concussion-giving mosh pit. Part thrash, part crust punk, part hardcore, with a ripping, bluesy solo on “Ohne Euer Gnaden,” Desteufels brings their A-game when they play and don’t give an inch until Alles zu Asche is done with you.

It’s also interesting how the German lyrics change the music as well. Although sung in any other language the music would still be awesome, the German adds another layer of brutality; it feels angry and overpowering and just plain awesome.

So, press play and put some Desteufels in your ears!

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