I got into a car accident this weekend, and while I am ok, and the other driver is ok, I’m a bit miffed about the situation. Lucky for me, nothing helps calm me down / fuel my temporary rage like hardcore music does, and NIHIL are a band that have been scratching that itch as of late. The band is a young group from Boston and they’re absolutely crushing it right now. Their new album Foundation is due out in a couple of months, and we are fortunate enough to have the exclusive premiere for a brand new music video for the song “Enslaved”. Check it!

The band’s aim is to try to break down the fine line between metal and hardcore music, and this song is proof that they seem to know what direction they are headed in. The music is fast, loud, and abrasive, and it’s like a kick to the teeth for the two minutes that you listen to it. This trio is aiming to please, and they’ve done so with their debut full length. The band is one a year old, and they have tons of room to grow and expand their sound, but this is a solid start for a band that has barely reached its first birthday. Also, the riff at 1:00 in is an absolute face melter and is circle-pit material to a T. This band is going to be among the new breed of hardcore heavyweights. I can feel it. Be sure to follow the band on Facebook and preorder their new album via their Bandcamp!


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