Reel Good Sh1t: Best Music Vidyas Of July

A little late this time, but July didn’t exactly knock me sideways with it’s flurry of so-so visual aids so I’m not gonna apologise. There were so

8 years ago

A little late this time, but July didn’t exactly knock me sideways with it’s flurry of so-so visual aids so I’m not gonna apologise. There were so many a-okay, average ass performance videos and lyric videos that I even dug up one from awhile back for special mention. It’s 100% deserving of the callback though, blowing just about every video this year away and then some. Who knows what August will have in store? Who cares? Let’s do July.

They Say Fall – “Darkly Dreaming”

A British music video doing a slightly pacified version of an serial killer TV show based somewhat loosely on a series of novels? Yes. All my yes. This one by They Say Fall has all the look and feel of every UK punk video on TV in the early parts of the decade. The Dexter nods (nod doesn’t quite cut it, more a violent headbutt) are tasteful and the actor is a total dead ringer for the man himself. He’s ginger and would probably get out of a lineup for already looking guilty of another crime. The track is a collision of hardcore, post stuff and a few portions of pop metal. Whatever that means. All in all, a surprising little gem from the land of the hooligan.

Periphery – “Marigold”

This was ALWAYS going to end up on the list this month. I can normally give or take Periphery, sometimes I wanna jam them, sometimes they are the last band I want to hear. This vid is a keeper though and I’ll gladly sit and listen to the big, vocally impressive “Marigold” to watch it again and again. It seems fitting that a band so readily associated with the generation of memers and moaners will throw down a video that strikes memories of Flash animations and mini-games. Remember those days? Finding a sweet game concept that was easy to load and play? Yeah. They were like this video. One level full of bad guys. That’s it. Still pretty sweet though am I right?

and for the honourable mention…

Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes – “Snake Eyes”

Easily the catchiest track Frank Carter has dropped since leaving Gallows, the video for “Snake Eyes” is as stunning as the song is infectious. A sordid affair in all regards, the red light and backdrop of a skeletal looking Carter imposes and straight up leers over the performer. With the viewer as yet another voyeur, the video sleazes just as much as the earnest and deprecating lyrics. “What did I do last night and should I be ashamed?”. The performer in the video has no shame and removes themselves from the world of the shadows and into the light in a shocking manner. You won’t believe who this sensual dancer is etc. The one shot video is my pick for video of the year so far.

So yeah, a decidedly unmetal roundup this month but hey, not every month is packed full of eyeball treats. Like these ones? Continue to hate my selections yet keep coming back? Let me know. I’ll put up a fight then ghost you, leaving you wondering where I went. ’til the next month…

Matt MacLennan

Published 8 years ago