If you’ve ever needed a night full of technical death metal, this was absolutely the tour to catch. The Montreal-based Beyond Creation leading the charge with riffs and leads galore, their proficient presence filling up each stage with precision and concentration. Backing them up was the equally powerful Rivers of Nihil, representing their newest album, Monarchy, which our very own Kit Brown called “gold standard for extreme, technical, progressive, and passionate death metal.” To round out the tour package, The Zenith Passage trampled the stage in all their viciousness, playing select tracks from their debut EP and the newly-released album Solipsist.

To top it all off, Chicago locals Purge [not pictured] and Roman Ring were there to open the show, each bringing their own flavor of death metal to the stage at Reggie’s of Chicago.

Please enjoy the pictures below!

Roman Ring

The Zenith Passage

Rivers of Nihil

Beyond Creation

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  1. urstoff

    Is BC’s new bassist good enough to pull off the parts that their old bassist could?


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