Sioum are relatively new additions to our Heavy Blog pantheon, but, boy, are we glad they’re there. The Chicago post-metal trio are on the cusp of going on their first tour with Exterminate All Rational Thought [dates here] after the release of their massive sophomore album Yet Further [review].

Drummer Arthur Zdrinc felt it right to share a drum playthrough of a passage from the first track, “Tribulation,” before hitting the road in just a few short days.

“Tribulation” is not the most technically demanding song on Yet Further, but the challenge is in its forward momentum. To keep that inertia, I think less is more, so I stuck with playing a lot of single-beat rolls on the snare and various toms for most of this song. We knew that we also wanted to create a stark harshness and intensity to contrast the first five minutes of the song. We knew it would be a risk if we started this 111 minute album with 5 minutes of ambient soundscape, but the music of Yet Further serves more as artifacts that reflect and convey the personal tribulation, hopes, and fears experienced after our first album, I Am Mortal, But Was Fiend. That being said, I chose to write drum parts that can convey that chaos and the heavy emotions associated with our experiences. I really like the cohesion of Kevin [Clark] and Dorian [Zdrinc]’s tempestuous drones with the hell that breaks loose once the drums kick in.

If you haven’t heard Yet Further already, make your way over to Bandcamp immediately to snag yourself a digital copy of the album for the attractive Name Your Price option (though we do recommend tossing the band a few bucks, as being a musician is hard). Or you can indulge in a physical copy as a CD or a brand new 2x LP vinyl for $15 USD or $35 USD, respectively.

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