Happy Tuesday everyone! I love being shown some really obscure stuff that I’ve never heard of, especially when that stuff is older and might be stuff I’ve overlooked, either because I was unfamiliar or because I just didn’t have time to listen. Fortunately, I’ve rectified an issue by checking out Swiss hardcore legends Cortez. The band is gearing up for a reissue of their album Initial and we have an exclusive stream of their track “Notice”, which you can hear below!

This song is super punishing hardcore music that almost ventures into grindcore territory at times. The vocals are also reminiscent of black metal in their delivery and production, and give off an extremely eerie, visceral vibe. It’s almost as if you can personally feel the band’s anger and vitriol through hearing this song, and that is what I love most about it. It’s dissonant, it’s heavy, and it’s great hardcore music that you should definitely spin. Be sure to check out Cortez on Facebook and pick up the album when it drops September 9th!


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