I feel like everybody who reads this site should be familiar with Sarah Longfield at this point. We’ve covered her many times before on this site, and that includes work with her project The Fine Constant. It’s no secret that she is incredibly talented as a guitar player, but little did I know, she is actually a pretty good drummer as well! On today’s docket, we have an awesome drum cover that she did for Dillinger Escape Plan‘s song “Sunshine The Werewolf”, which you can check out below!

She definitely has more balls than me, that’s for sure. Dillinger songs are no easy feat to perform, and the fact that she is able to do so without messing up constantly is awesome. It’s cool whenever I found out that musicians are talented on more than one instrument, because it makes their music that much better. Hopefully soon she can start doing playthroughs of some of her songs on all three instruments, because that would definitely be something I would watch. Be sure to check out her Facebook page, as well as that of her band The Fine Constant!

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  1. Cody Strong

    She is by no means playing the song accurately or correctly, in any way


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