This week we don’t have a billion news items, thankfully! I was sick so I take the backseat a bit. We talk about Corey Taylor’s behavior at a show and also his comments about BLM, and Robb Flynn and Jesse Leach weigh in as well. That’s Slipknot, Machine Head and Killswitch Engage, for SEO purposes. Then Eden gets unreasonably upset about some silly prog awards, and we talk about new album teasers by Riverside, Shokran (LISTEN TO THEM), The Agonist, Devin Townsend and Heaven Shall Burn. We talk about new songs by Spellcaster, Sabaton, Soilwork and Red Fang. Then we go into a discussion about “real” versus “forced” emotions in metal, touching upon many bands including but not limited to Slice the Cake, Pain of Salvation, Dark Tranquillity, Dream Theater, Molotov Solution, Lamb of God and more. Enjoy! Or don’t, I don’t care! Now I’ll go to sleep and try to get less sick for next week.

39 – Down With The Sickness

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Show notes:

Intro/Outro – Aftermath/Closure, Just as Planned by NYN


4 Responses

  1. karlo

    >if the fucking stuff do their jobs

    also speaking of dirk and soilwork, you guys forgot to mention that his joining megadeth is a permanent addition, and he has left soilwork as a result

    noyan – heavy agree on dasein, it’s SO FUCKING GOOD

    re the end discussion, i really love disposable heroes

      • karlo

        yeah agreed. based on how strong their latest album was, i feel musically he had more to offer soilwork than a washed up megadeth

  2. Andy Z

    All I have to say is Disposable Heroes is amazing….Otherwise, dug this podcast.


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