I haven’t done one of these posts in a while, and that’s likely because every time I’ve told you to listen to something it’s been by way of a premiere. However, today I’m going to just tell you about a young band called Schemata Theory. The UK may have left the EU, but that doesn’t mean they took the great music with it. This Reading, Berkshire quintet was brought to my attention via a publicity email asking about a premiere. As soon as I turned it on, I was instantly captured by the great production, fantastic clean vocals, and then eventually by the catchiness of the song I was sent, titled “Horror Show”. Head below to see what I mean!

The video itself is very well done. It’s really promising to see a band put so much time an effort into not only the music video, but also the song itself. The cleans remind me a lot of the band Circles from Australia, and that’s a band that I think really does cleans well. I also think it’s cool how the main verse has vocals where you can hear the singer’s accent through the vocal lines. I think it adds a very nice touch to the song, and adds an extra layer of uniqueness to a band that would otherwise get lumped into some subgenre and be forgotten about years down the line. However, I think this band has tons of staying power. Their new EP Networks is available here and I highly recommend that you pick it up, because it’s a Certified Banger™.


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  1. lagerbottoms

    I really love this. They even reminded me of Every Time I Die at times. Just some good ol’ interesting Metalcore, which has become rare.


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