There’s a community out there that relies heavily on unadulterated, disgusting death metal. This community thrives in the filthy, festering nature of music that eschews production values in favour of bowel bursting guttural vocals and snare sounds so shitty, they stop being shitty. Those who belong in this particular group of music fiends are going to love the new Internal Suffering record. Anyone else who stops by for a quick listen is going to turn this crude attempt at brutal death metal off after a couple of minutes. Yes, even for one who lives for the depraved and disgusting times, Cyclonic Void Of Power just sounds like hot garbage. Not even the useful kind that can be composted and returned back to the Earth. Yep, it’s worse than turd.

This album sounds cheap and unfinished. Not cheap as in a early Cannibal Corpse “no money so here are some sick riffs” kinda cheap. Cheap as in the drum kit sounds like it was mic’d with an overhead halfway on the other side of the room. Unfinished in that the band or engineers haven’t even bothered to make sure that every instrument is even playing at the same speed. It’s too easy to lose track of how many times the guitars don’t even bother to match the tempo that the percussion does it’s best to maintain. We’re talking high school cover band time keeping. The futility of picking a track to dissect for all of it’s misgivings is outstanding. This review is barely halfway done and the utter contempt that this record is inflicting… Fuck, there’s an aneurysm brewing somewhere in the back of my head.

This isn’t a salty, shit posty review. This is not the first time Heavy Blog has covered music of this ilk. This is maybe just the first time that something so rotten has been given the time of day. There’s no charm or cuteness about the old school death metal vibe that Internal Suffering bestow upon the bored, miserable listener. Not one bit. From start to finish it’s tired trem picking and gargled vocals that are somehow the only thing with any real production value. The production value is still shite, mind you. Chris Barnes might suck a hefty one, but the suction he can produce is just weak in comparison to this. There is no dynamic range in the delivery, enunciation or tone. The lyric sheet for this record would be a fucking treat to possess right now. Primarily for those wondering just how to spew about the “Abominable Highlands” (presumably not the frozen part of the North of Scotland but who knows); this track gets a surprising shout out because it’s the only one with a mixture of grooves and feel. It’s the lack of any kind of variety in the same dish water performance of dish water material that keeps this one mired in the cesspit of banality that it spawned from.

Underground metal has a place in this world. Metalheads need the underground to keep grounded and true to what is most exciting about the type of music that makes them metalheads in the first place. Internal Suffering ain’t grounded and they sure as shit ain’t exciting. The tedium of listening to this record is only overshadowed by the overbearing power of its longer than average run time and total lack of ingenuity. One track of this is enough to force the most die hard of extreme music fans to shove to the side and dismiss as a total waste of time.

Internal Suffering – Cyclonic Void Of Power gets…





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  1. Kyle Smith

    Yikes, was going to check out this record but I think I’ll always prefer Origin, Vektor, and Behold the Arctopus for my space metal fix!

  2. Baaablacksheep

    Matt’s killin’ it once again. This time with LOLZ instead of quality music recommendations. Keep it up bud.

  3. Treblig the 1st

    This review is sad and completely off the mark. Word to the reviewer: if you can’t wrap your feeble brain around the advanced musicianship/compositions, do us all a favor and refrain from attempting to dissuade others from enjoying an album in the runnings for AoTY.


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