Baroness returned to Vancouver playing at the famous Commodore Ballroom to play an amazing set covering their four albums. With each song came clever lighting that matched which album the song was from. Mostly being 2016’s Purple and pasts Green/Yellow. Purple is like a new train of thought for Baroness. You can feel with each song how they have grown and progressed as a band with a heightened level of technicality, groove, and melody. Which only seems natural to any fan who knows of the bands past. Their live show is no different. Every aspect of the production exceeded expectations. The setlist was well rounded and the stage presence of the band was top notch, but don’t take my word for it. The photos speak for themselves.

Joining Baroness for a mini-tour of the west coast was Heiress of Seattle who put on an intense and loud show that would appeal to any fan of Baroness’ earlier works. After seeing them live I honestly cant think of many bands that could have complimented Baroness better. Kudos to Heiress!



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