Tech death is a genre that has been flourishing for years now. Ever since its mainstream breakthrough with Epitaph back in 2004 by the almighty Necrophagist, tech death has been evolving and changing to fit the times over the years. Now we have bands such as Rivers Of Nihil, who are helping redefine the genre and write an entirely new script for the future generation of musicians to follow. Red Dawn is an up and coming French tech death band, and today we have the pleasure of hosting a new single from them, which you can check below!

“Looking Through The Eye Of God” is a great example of how to do tech death right when sticking to the basics of the genre: great riffs, awesome lead work, and super heavy vocals that almost border on gutterals in the vein of slam metal. This song absolutely rips, and the rest of the album is equally as good as this song. It’s a very accurate representation of what I want to hear in my tech death, and what the current state of the genre is. If you like the genre, or even want to get into it, this is the perfect place to start, because these Frenchmen are going places fast!. Be sure to follow the band on Facebook for more about their upcoming record Algorithm Of Destruction!


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