Hardcore is a very finicky genre. I could ask 10 different music fans about bands in the hardcore scene and I can bet almost all of them would give me different answers. It’s also a very exclusive genre, as displayed by the prevalence of “hardcore crews” and the like. I don’t know what the hardcore scene is like in Kansas City, but 34 are likely a part of it. They have a new release dropping tomorrow, and they’ve chosen us to host the full stream today, one day before release! Check it out below!

This stuff is pretty cool. At times it sounds like beatdown, at others like classic hardcore. There’s even times where it sounds like there’s some doom influence creeping in there. It definitely not for everyone; the vocals are what might make this very much an acquired taste for many people. That’s one of the things I’ve found with listening to hardcore over the years. The vocals are normally the biggest turn off when it comes to stuff that I don’t enjoy. However, I enjoy this, because his vocals are actually a lot heavier than is normal for the genre, so that’s really cool. You should definitely check these guys out and see if they tickle your fancy, however, because they deserve that much, at the very least.  Be sure to preorder the album from their Bandcamp and follow them on Facebook to keep up with upcoming tours!


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