Avant-Garde music comes in all shapes and sizes. Most of the time, however, it’s very difficult to get into. I know that personally I was not jamming bands that did things too far out of the box for a few years. It took some time for my brain to accept it as something worth listening to. 30,000 Monkies are the type of avant-garde band, however, that make it relatively easy to dig what they are doing. Their new EP I Ate Myself To Grow Twice As Big is a banger, and they’ve partnered with us to debut a new music video for their track “Coproliet” ! Check it out!

I really dig this video. It’s extremely well shot and has some really cool stuff going on. I especially like the use of all of the bright colors that contrasts with the music. It adds a certain layer of personality that would have been lost had the video been done in black and white with your typical B-movie-style gore and/or violence. This song may call for that when you listen to it, but with the video, I think this is the way to go. This band has a very bright future ahead of them, and it would be killer to see them do a collab with some other artists well-versed in stuff like this, such as Merzbow or Full Of Hell. Be sure to like the band on Facebook and be sure to get the album here!


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