If there was ever a city where I didn’t think gothic rock would be found, it’s Atlanta. I know they famously host bands such as Mastodon and nearby residents of Douglasville The Chariot (RIP) but I didn’t really ever think a band would emerge from the scene unless they were either a stoner band, a doom band, or a hardcore band. However, Dead Register are currently proving me wrong, because they’ve been creating quite a stir in Hotlanta by playing some very good gothic rock that sounds like a mix of Inter Arma and The Cure. Today we have the pleasure of showing you what they’re all about with an exclusive stream of their new single “Alone”. Check it out below!

I love this song a lot. I really dig how it maintains the same vibe throughout, and just builds on a common motif that continues from the start and works its way to the very end of the track. Despite its length, it feels like a song of normal length, and fans of post-metal, doom metal, and even old school stuff like Type O Negative will be able to appreciate this. I’m really stoked for you guys to hear the whole thing when it drops this Friday, because I think that big things are on the horizon for the band. Be sure to follow the band on Facebook and pick up their new album Fiber this Friday here!


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  1. Jm from nj

    This is really good. I’m looking forward to it. Like the marriage of sounds.


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