You’ve just settled into your timeshare villa for a few weeks holiday. The one just up from The Mars Volta themed restaurant and within walking distance of the beach. You can see the elusive wild Botch floating just off the shore. The smell of Exotic Animal Petting Zoo lingers sweetly in the air. Delicious. Everything seems just perfect until… Fuck. Fero Lux have arrived next door. Your rest and relaxation time is now a fucking Beastie Boys video packed with math riffs and indiscriminate usage of the human vocal range.

Onward. Fero Lux are awesome. Their new album is fantastic. If I could get away with finishing this article here I would. Not gonna. Just saying I would. I’ve gotten into a habit of waxing lyrical about mathcore recently and it’s only because I’ve been actively listening to as much of it as possible. There’s a lot of shite out there but this is not that. It should be noted I’m going solely off my impressions of last month’s No Rest. They have other records but this is more than good enough for me to smash keys with sticky fingers.

Crooning over juddering math riffs works. Would you believe it? Picture a wild house show with guitarists hanging off ceilings and feedback reigning supreme, but in Seattle in the early 90s. An odd image, yes, but the only one that I can see when jamming this record. It’s just all kinds of fun in the songwriting, riff, hook and sinker department. It’s a sickly sweet mashup of jangly post hardcore and splitting syncopation that I can’t think of hearing in a long time. There’s definitely not anyone doing it as proficiently and with anywhere near as much poise.

If you want to flirt with post rock without losing that serious cred you’ve built up from buying every Poison The Well bootleg known to man, check this band out. Still not up for it? Fuck off then. There’s only so much I can say before you make up your mind. This isn’t a review. This really is just me telling you to listen to this band. Simple.

[bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=3044662972 size=large bgcol=333333 linkcol=e32c14 tracklist=false artwork=small]



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  1. Nintendodo

    Fuck yeah! Saw these boys shortly after Some Divine Ashtray came out and they fucking DESTROYED this tiny cafe in my town! Sick shit. I need to listen to the new record ASAP!


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