I like music that is just fun. Nothing really special about it in terms of reinventing the wheel, but just music that is really fun to listen to. Normally I find this with sludge music or even doom metal, mostly because at the end of the day it all begins to sound like Sleep anyways. Allfather aim to change all that with their super heavy, sludgey hardcore sound, and they’ve chosen us to host their upcoming record, which you can check out below!

A lot of this stuff sounds like if you took a hardcore vocalist from the early 2000s and put him over super sludgey stuff. It’s definitely not for everyone, and if you’re a fan of lighter sludge like The Sword and Baroness, then you will be disappointed. However, if you’re down to get grimey and dirty and really don’t give a damn about how it sounds but about how heavy it is, then this record is definitely for you. It’s definitely been on regular rotation for me since I got it. I do have to say though, that the vocals are definitely an acquired taste, and I urge you to give the album at least one listen before having a verdict, because it’s well worth your time. Be sure to follow them on Facebook and Bandcamp and be sure to grab their album when it drops!


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