Although it’s common to have 3+ bands on a single roster tobe considered a “stacked” lineup for a show, but sometimes, all you need are two bands. Two emotionally driven bands and that’lllast you quite a bit. Well, that is exactly what happened on April 16th, 2016, in Philadelphia’s own Electric Factory. Opening the show with a more somber, moody, emotional set, Caspian kicked things off.

We know what you’re thinking, “Why did Caspian open this tour? They don’t fit.” Well, who cares? Caspian could play a show with a black metal band and we would still cover that show in a heartbeat. Even though their set was about a half-hour long, they still managed to send us off onan emotional rollercoaster, paired with an insane light show (some may argue the lights were too dark, and although we agree, Caspian are one of the few exceptions who can get away with it). After Caspian was Underoath, who randomly came back after 3 years, after they swore they’d never perform together as a band again. The band performed two classic albums, They’re Only Chasing Safety and Define The Great Line front toback, with no intermission between albums. It seems as though that Underoath’s fanbase from back in the day grew out of their MySpace and Hot Topic/scene days from 2004, but the crowd still goes wild for them, making it seem as though Underoath didn’t even go anywhere for three years. It all felt like Underoath picked up right where they left off, and we hope that they don’t disband again for another three years. Enjoy the photos below!



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