As I’ve said before, instrumental music is a very tough genre to emerge into. It takes something unique to really set you apart, and something really cool to keep you relevant. This isn’t limited to cheap gimmicks though; it can mean anything from super catchy riff work to an influence from an outside source such as jazz, latin music, etc. to add some extra flare to your music. Earth Brothers are a young instrumental band that are trying to breakout in the scene, and today we have the pleasure of debuting the new video for their song “Totem” off their new record. Check it out!

Earth Brothers – Totem (Official Music Video) from Open Minds Awake on Vimeo.

It’s some pretty cool instrumental stuff, and while it’s not necessarily reinventing the wheel or doing something really unique, they’re a very talented band. There is some refinement that needs to come with their songwriting, but that comes with practice and time. No band started out with a perfect record right out of the gate, and it shouldn’t be lost on us when we think about how young these dudes are and how fresh on the scene they are as well. The song has plenty of cool riffs, and the video is pretty cool as well. You can really tell a lot of time went into the making of it. At any rate, you should check out their newest album Experience Holds The Depth, because it’s a pretty good record. Check out their Bandcamp to get their new album for name your price!

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  1. Goldicot

    “No band started with a perfect album right of out the gate.” The Contortionist would like a word with you.


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