While I cannot make it out to This Is Hardcore this year, I would absolutely love to go. Regardless of the “tough guy” persona perpetuated by many in the scene, there’s some really killer music out there, both from old and new bands. REPS are a band that I was relatively unfamiliar with prior to receiving word that they would like us to host a new single off their upcoming record Poisoned Youth. So naturally, I listened to the music before making my decision, and in the end decided this song was too good to pass up. Check out their latest single “Dead In The Water” below!

This song is just one really good slab of hardcore. It’s not reinventing the wheel. It’s not fancy. It’s all heavy and doesn’t mess around. It’s almost reminiscent of early Shadows Fall at times with the great riffing and the vocals. This song is a very strong indicator of what you’ll hear throughout the album, so if this vibes with you, then the rest of the album will as well.

This song also has some meaning behind it. In the words of the band on the theme of the song:

This song is where the record’s title comes from. It seems like every generation in some way repeats all of the previous generation’s mistakes, and inherits most of, if not all of their vices. War, Racism, Sexism, Homophobia the list could go on. It seems crazy that after all mankind has gone through and learned, that these all exist. In many ways, the world we live in now is far more terrifying than it ever was for our parents when they were our age. All of us are close to the age where we could be starting families of our own, but the thought of doing that in these times often induces immediate fear and anxiety. No matter how much we learn from the mistakes of our elders, and how many opportunities we have to be better; we still fall prey to the same vices. We are the product of our ancestors and failed ambitions to be better. We are the poisoned youth.

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