Roughly two weeks ago, I saw Intronaut live for the fourth time. As always, their show did not disappoint. However, Scale The Summit did not play my date, so instead I found out there would be some local bands on the bill as the openers before North and Intronaut went on. One of those bands was Aionios, who are from Port Richey, Florida and who I had never heard of. As I sat in the audience, I tried to guess what kind of music they played based on their gear, artwork, and soundcheck noodling. Frankly, I couldn’t figure it out. When they began to play, however, I found out what they’re all about, and I really really liked what I heard.

[bandcamp width=100% height=120 track=568268821 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false artwork=small]

The band is extremely talented and also very young, yet they combine elements of bands that preceded them by 10+ years. Tiny pieces of Between The Buried And MeProtest The Hero, and even power metal all creep into their music. After running through their CD a few times, it’s very clear that they know exactly what niche they want to fit in with and have a plan to stay there for a while. With a bit of refinement, I think they have a very strong case to say that they can do so. The live performance echoed what I heard on their CD, and after comparing the two, they put as much effort into making sure they are just as tight live as on their record, which I really appreciate. It’s rare to find that in young bands nowadays since everyone just focuses on making either a great live show or a great recording, not both.

I urge you to follow the band via their Facebook to keep up with them, because they’re on to something really cool here. It’s a very interesting blend of styles that I can get in to, and I think you all will as well.


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