In contrast to last week, we have so much news that it takes up a big chunk of our time! What kind of news? News like Perturbator‘s perturbing image of nipples getting perturbed, the guitarist of Every Time I Die losing his first match in his wrestling career, Enslaved celebrating their 25th year, Axl Rose joining AC/DC, the singer of Puddle of Mudd having a breakdown onstage, and rumors about The Human Abstract, Mortician having their logo appropriated by a fashion label, then we discuss new music or videos from Caligula’s Horse, Babymetal, Wormed, Circle of Contempt, Black Mountain and Thrice. We also talk about this super cool genre map that we discovered. Then we go into our weekly discussions, this time about fallacies that prevent people from growing up and remaining content with their musical taste and… that’s it? We did spend a lot of time on these topics! But come back next week for more!

Episode 23 – This Title Took Me Some Time To Come Up With

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Show notes:

Intro/Outro – Aftermath/Closure, Just as Planned by NYN


Leander Kills‘s Tulelo is out now.

Nick’s editorial on AOTYs of large metal outlets.

Max Landis – Death and Return of Superman, Wrestling isn’t Wrestling

Red Letter Media’s review of BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE


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  1. Danny Maman

    I don’t know if it’s just on my end, but on Itunes, the podcast plays the audio from episode 22.


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