March 5th, 2016, it seemed to be very cold and bleak inside Brooklyn’s own Saint Vitus Bar for the majority of the day. Opening the show was Vattnet Viskar, who have just been touring nonstop since the release of their second album, Settler. This isn’t the first time they seemed to be out of place on a lineup, as they toured with 1349 last May. That being said, it’s been absolutely great to see them get on these awesome tour packages, they deserve it 100%.

Following was Young And In The Way, and man, they are most definitely a band you need to see like, right now. Their set was equally fast, energetic and terrifying, but in the best ways possible. Highly recommended that you see them whenever they play a show near you, but be warned. Maybe wear a helmet and/or a mouthguard. Finally, concluding the little-over-2-week Norwegian takeover, Taake performed in New York City for the first time (well, technically second since there was a matinee added due to popular demand). Taake first came to the states last year when they played the world renowned Maryland Death Fest, and it was only a matter of time before they came back to play more US shows. Surprisingly enough, Taake and Young And In The Way were supposed to play two dates of Stardust NYC last year, but had to drop because Taake had visa issues (what else is new?) thus, postponing the whole tour with Young And In The Way. Taake brought the true evil, grim, frostbitten sound and feel in the tiny, steaming hot bar, and it was a wonderful experience. Here’s to hoping that they come back, and enjoy the photos below!


Young and In the Way

Vattnet Viskar

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A recent graduate of Nassau Community College with an associates degree in liberal arts, Mark is currently a freelance photographer in the Long Island/New York City area (but travels frequently, especially if the job is worth it), and is constantly churning out riffs with his grindcore band, Blame God (who’s even playing with NAILS in March 2017). Aside from that, he is constantly searching for new bands to check out and attending/photographing shows.

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