No matter what genre of metal you’re into, there’s probably a time where you just want something that just rocks. Maybe you throw on a little AC/DC and air guitar to Angus Young (don’t lie—we’ve all done it once or twice), or put on some Led Zeppelin or whatever gets your heart pumping.

You could also check out Wisconsin metal/punk/rock amalgam Deathwish. Not to be confused with the label of the same name, Deathwish is a band that, quite simply, rocks out loud. They essentially sound like Josh Homme, Black Breath, and Circle Jerks all fell into a blender. Deathwish combines a guitar tone—which, again, has an angry buzz to it that can’t help but remind one of Black Breath—with the playing of a hard rocker, set to the pace of a punk album. It’s enough to get you banging your head hard enough to need a chiropractor. The imagery the band employs is pretty sweet, too—the cover for their debut—and, as of now, only album—Out For Blood, is your general metal fare: a skull with arrows in it ahead like some badass pincushion, guns, pills, lightning.

The thing that I particularly love about Deathwish is how much energy they give to their sound. Sometimes you just want to bang your head, and that is exactly what they do, with solos that make you want to dig your old guitar out of the closet and try to play again. It’s no frills, straight up rock with a ragged edge of metal to finish it all of.


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