We’re huge fans of Portlandian progressive death metal masters The Odious here at Heavy Blog. I reviewed their debut release 5 years ago with a 5/5 score, and their first full length was also given a 5/5 by fellow writer David. When they announced their disbanding, we were devastated, but recently they announced a reunion and we were ecstatic! Now, they’re releasing a new track titled “Arbiter of Taste” from their upcoming full length Vesica Piscis, and we’re proud to be bringing it to you.

Here’s what the band have to say about the track:

We are all our own arbiters of taste, but at some point in our lives, we may relinquish control. Sex, drugs, money, power, people. All can become keeper at the gate of your subconscious mind. A narration of the emotional and physical toll of chemical dependency, Arbiter of Taste is the first track from the upcoming full length, “Vesica Piscis”.

The track is an exquisite journey that only The Odious can deliver, like they’ve always done. Combining creative, progressive riffing, screaming and unique clean vocals, along with their diverse and memorable song writing, it’s like they never even left. This track provides a glimpse into how their new material is the logical next step from their previous works as well. Overall, this track is incredible, and it’s just left our mouths watering for more!

Without further ado, here’s Arbiter of Taste!



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    • Nayon

      Make sure that you’re listening to it on our site – it doesn’t work on the bandcamp, it’s BC’s new feature that lets premieres be actually exclusive to sites that are releasing it.


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