When I first got into heavy metal, my taste was rather vanilla, to say the least. I wasn’t into black metal and grindcore and all of the super dirty and heavy stuff immediately (along with the vast majority of people). I was into good ol’ fashioned metal, made by bands like RainbowIron MaidenBlack Sabbath, and so on. I remember that I used to jam those bands all the time until I moved on and expanded my horizons. However, every now and then I revisit my roots and jam some old school metal because it still has that special thrill and flare to it. Lords Of Black realize that, and their new single “Tears I Will Be” is a testament to the old way of doing metal, with all of the advantages that implies and little of the disadvantages. Check it out!

The band’s lead singer Ronnie Romero was described as being a “cross between Freddie Mercury and Dio” by none other than heavy metal demigod Ritchie Blackmore, which is a huge compliment. This song might not win over everyone, but if you’re a fan of heavy metal from the 70s, you will definitely be a fan of this stuff. The song is just fun in every way, and while it may not be the heaviest thing you ever hear, it’s proof that metal has such strong roots that even 40 years later they can still rock like they did back in the 70s. History is important and in every community, there are those that revisit the basic foundations that made the scene what it is today.  If you still have a warm place in your heart and appreciation for those time, then this album is exactly for you.

The band’s new album II will be out March 18th via Frontiers Music, so be sure to follow the band on Facebook for tons of updates, and be sure to preorder the album here and here!



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