What’s up Heavy Bloggers? You guys like progressive metal, yeah? Of course you do. What you might not be expecting/desiring is a progressive metal post from yours truly. Yep, no grind or sludge in sight on this fine day! What I do have for you is yet another fantastic band from St. Louis, Missouri (seriously, what is up with the water in that place?). The Gorge are lurking in the dimly lit corner of Prog Street and Metal Avenue and if you stop by them, you might catch something. Something infectiously catchy, groovy and something that will surely leave you itching for more. Please don’t just take my word for it though.

[bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=2366244762 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=2ebd35 tracklist=false artwork=small]

The Gorge are just about to drop forty minutes of brand new material but until then (February 12th, save the date etc.) you guys are gonna have to get pumped on the titular opening track “Thousand Year Fire”. Proggy riffs and hardcore vocals?! Yes please. Some Gorod-like guitar riffing out of nowhere? Even better. Before I can even start on the last third of this track, I have to shout out the production on this material. Harsh vocals over tight, clear guitar tracks is a mixture not readily available to most but there is sheer clarity and distinction between each instrument on display through the entire run time of Thousand Year Fire. This clarity plays hand in hand with the extravagant noodling of the lead guitar that rears its playful head on many occasions. If Intronaut played slightly less “out there” and if the aforementioned Gorod were less hostile, The Gorge would probably draw comparisons to them. Scrap that thought, The Gorge are playing their own rough in the right areas brand of progressive metal; I’m almost uncomfortable using that term to be honest as it seems like a safe phrase to use for music this uncompromising.

Thousand Year Fire is a full length worth your full attention. It’s dark and technical, playful and crushing and a genuine repeat player. It merits further listening to hear the John Murphy vibes in one track in particular. When you’ve heard what I’m talking about, come back and comment, I’d love to see if anyone catches what I’m talking about. Throw these guys some minutes of your day and tell me I’m wrong about this band. Chance would be a fine thing.

(Check out their last EP while you’re here, you beautiful progressive people!)

[bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=713307489 size=large bgcol=333333 linkcol=e32c14 tracklist=false artwork=small]



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  1. karlo

    hey this is actually pretty cool. it is a bit of a strange hybrid, but it works, cheers for the recommendation


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