Soon to be hitting the road with the mighty Leprous and the equally excellent Earthside, Perth’s own progressive power metal pioneers Voyager have seen fit to simultaneously debut a new single and a new music video for “Misery is Only Company,” the first track from their upcoming (and currently unnamed) album.

The video debuted over at Prog, an offshoot of Team Rock’s standard website dedicated to progressive music in its various forms.

The song carries the standard progressive/power vibe that Voyager is so well-known for, but incorporates light elements of djent in its rhythmic bridging sections and verses. If you’re a fan of tasty grooves, this is the jam for you on a Wednesday morning.

And don’t forget! Tour with Leprous and Earthside! Grab tour dates here if you’re in Australia. Go see this!


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  1. Graham ☮ Simmons

    I can’t find any information online about the album, you got any juicy deets to drop? Seems odd to have a full production music video but no details about the rest of the album. Track was classic Voyager with a bit of a modern twist, definitely looking forward to this album.


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