We’re barely four weeks into 2016, but somehow we’ve got some incredible new releases already in our ears in addition to a massive list of hotly anticipated albums with quickly approaching release dates. Oregon death metallers Omnihility are definitely a name that sticks out amongst the latter, with their previous record Deathscapes of the Subconscious boasting a stellar mix of old school death metal with some clever modern tech death sensibilities in between. The album’s followup, Dominion of Misery, is slated for release in just over a month, and we have the honour of presenting to you a stellar new track from the band for your listening pleasure. Check it out below!

“Psychotic Annihilation” doesn’t waste a second in getting to business. In an approach similar to that employed by tech death legends Origin, tremolo picked bursts abound within the twisted riffs on display, and the band blazes through one punishingly heavy part after another with no respite. The track only slows down briefly in the latter half, allowing the guitars to shine through with some nifty harmonic minor noodling before the riffs regain their relentless quality. The album itself is bound to be as brutal, so make sure to keep an eye out for when it drops on the 26th of next month via Unique Leader Records!



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