Clément Belio has been a friend of the blog for a while now, and we’ve all come to love and respect the massive amount of talent he yields. He is an exceptional composer, but many don’t know about his other project Itzamna, which is comprised of some extremely talented musicians based out of Bordeaux, France. They make really fun, upbeat jazz rock in the style of Tigran Hamasyan, but manage to mix in elements of math rock, which makes for some really interesting and exciting music. The guys have kindly asked us to host a new song from them, entitled “Duet”, and you can check it out below!


I love this track. I’ve been on a major jazz kick recently, spinning piano artists like Tigran and Hiromi, and I think this fits in quite well with my current listening patterns. Every instrument is used eloquently and precisely to create one concise, well rounded piece of music. I’m eager to hear what the rest of the music the band puts out in the near future sounds like, because they seem to be on a collision course with success right out of the gate. Belio confirmed that “Duet” will be part of a new album called Chascade due for release later this year, though no firm release dates or info are available beyond that. Be sure to follow them on Facebook to see everything and anything that comes along the way for them, including live dates and more new music. In the meantime, go jam this song on repeat!


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  1. rattboi

    This song is awesome. Can someone recommend more like this? I’m gonna check out Tigran and Hiromi. Anything else?


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