What would you get if you coupled the fuzzy riffs of early Mastodon, Lovecraftian lyrics and Wild Throne‘s dynamism? Why, that would be Adrenechrome and their Tales From Adrenechrome. Far from newbies, these scene veterans peddle an intoxicating combination of sludge, groove and rock, drawing heavily on the pop-science fiction aesthetic of the 70’s and 80’s for their inspiration. Overall, this album can be described as a wild ride, never stopping for long in one place. Head on over the jump for your first listen!

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The whole album is pretty solid but things get real interesting around track number four, ‘God Sized Shadow’. It further accentuates the base elements of the album, placing the emphasis on the riff-writing and the big, fat choruses which keep you coming back for more. It doesn’t hurt either that the track itself, its name and lyrics evoke that Lovecraftian images we mentioned which, when coupled with the crazy album cover art, sets us in the proper mood to appreciate this frolic into some sort of retro-space.

Other parts on the album that deserve specific mention can be found on closing-track ‘The Lead Elephant’ or its predecessor, ‘Hideous Appetites’. While these tracks are great, their location perhaps reveals a slight weakness of the album: it suffers from being lopsided, with the end holding much more impact and conviction. While the opening tracks aren’t weak exactly, something in the way they flow together leaves us wanting. However, the end more than makes up for it and leads to this album holding a powerful attraction over us. Perhaps spacing out the opening tracks would have led to a more initially engaging creation but in the end, it rewards those who stick with it, so make sure you do so.



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