Celebrating ten years of Kezia, progressive outfit Protest the Hero took an extended trip up north in their homeland of Canada to play a handful of shows in honor of a decade of concept albums. Featuring absolutely nutty riffing for its time, it was and still is an awesome mix of punk and progressive metal. The real special part was this tour featured the bands original lineup with bassist Arif Mirabdolbaghi and drummer Moe Carlson.

A shout out to Vancouver local Punk rock band Youth Decay. Energetic and groovy riffs all around for the short set that they had makes them definitely worth a mention. They put on a solid show and should be on your watch list! Check out their newest album The Party’s Over.

Putting on an extremely well-played performance, Protest played the Kezia album in its entirety, but layered on a bit of special sauce. Speeding up some riffs and slowing down others to really show the intensity and emotion in the music. An encore of “Mist,” “Hair Trigger,” and “Bloodmeat” ended the show perfectly. Vocalist Rody was a comedian at every break and fans who have seen Protest on their earlier tours will remember Arif doing his unique waddling-dancing and smiling like a madman throughout the whole set. Some things never change.

For every Canadian metalhead, hopefully you didn’t miss out. Protest The Hero is as Canadian as maple syrup.

Youth Decay

Protest the Hero

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