After the dissolution of Nevermore in 2011, the fate of its members seemed unclear. Guitarist Jeff Loomis continued a struggling solo career and a mild side project in Conquering Dystopia before finally settling in as Arch Enemy‘s rhythm guitarist. Drummer Van Williams went on to found the stunning progressive/power act Ghost Ship Octavius. But what of vocalist Warrel Dane and bassist Jim Sheppard?

Ah, yes, Sanctuary! As the spirit of the name implies, the long-split-up project has once again become the home for Dane and Sheppard. Along with the legendary guitar chops of Nick Cordle (ex-Arch Enemy, ex-Arsis), longtime Sanctuary guitarist Lenny Rutledge, and even former drummer Dave Budbill, the act returns as strong as ever in their 2014 effort The Year the Sun Died.

On their stop in Joliet, IL, the band was joined on stage by two strangely-chosen acoustic acts as openers, but also the local progressive heroes in Dissona. Friends to Heavy Blog, the boys in Dissona are on the cusp of releasing their brand new album, Paleopneumatic, in early 2016 after a long time mixing, mastering, and raising funds. Their set was comprised of both old and new material, really driving home their technical-yet-melodic chaos.

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