Here’s the thing about death metal: it has a tendency to become really stale after a while. I can only jam bands like Cannibal Corpse or Deicide or even Death for so long before growing weary, and it’s mostly because of the sheer intensity of the music. It also begins to blend together when listening to a lot of it at a time. However, sometimes bands come along that shake it up and make the music less focused on how heavy they can be and more focused on creating some really cool, experimental stuff. Contrarian is one of those bands, and they have a new album coming out titled Polemic. Check out a track from it below!

Obviously there’s a ton of stuff going on here. You have elements of doom, tech death, atmospheric death, and slam in one song. It’s a great song that really takes a mish mash of sounds that shouldn’t work and makes them work together really well. The whole purpose of this song seems to be to take you on a crazy journey through time and space, and sounds alien at times. There’s no insane leads or sweeps, but it does sound like something other-worldly at times. The entire album is bound to be just as fantastic, and I’m personally really excited to see where this album takes the band, who, by the way, contains members of NileMithrasGoemagot and Sulaco. The album drops on the 20th via Willowtip Records, so be sure to pick it up!



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