Yes, the glorious day has come: the much anticipated Good Tiger album is finally streaming in full, ahead of its release on Friday. There’s not much to tell you about this album since it simply begs for you to listen to it but it’s this happy-go-lucky blend of sweet vocals, progressive sensibilities and an overall vibe which harks back to when Mars Volta was fun. Our esteemed colleagues over at Kerrang! have the full stream. Head on over the jump for the link!

As I said above, A Head Full of Moonlight just begs to be heard. From the tracks already released to new material we’re only just getting our hands on, everything about this album sits right. Most of all, it feels like the supergroup knows exactly what they are and are not afraid to play on it; everything exudes the same bewildering intoxication, the same love for the groove, the hook and the riff. It’s also pretty interesting to hear the full thing in the light of our post breaking down the influences behind this interesting mix of people.

It’s refreshing to listen to something so wide-eyed and joyful. This should be a late addition to more than a few end of the year lists.



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